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Roasted Garlic Maple Rainbow Carrots

Nothing like Mother Nature’s beautiful rainbow carrots; and always a little extra special when you grow them in your own healthy soil. This year I planted organic carrot seeds in early spring and around now, mid-summer, they’re really starting to get happy and ready to harvest.  I haven’t successfully saved carrot seeds yet, so all … Read More...

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Coconut Goji Berry Carrot Salad

A few days ago I was excited to be able to harvest my first official garden haul of the Spring that included different lettuce, kale & chard varieties, strawberries, cilantro & cilantro flowers, and a bunch of beautiful carrots.   I started planting this year around the end of February and early March, and then all of sudden … Read More...

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Rainbow Ribbon Pasta Recipe

I have been loving different variations of carrot pasta ribbons lately. It’s a great way to get a veggie-based “pasta” in your diet, especially if you’re grain and/or gluten-free.  Not to mention, the colors are awesome! Give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it! It’s paleo and vegetarian-friendly (vegan option … Read More...

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