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Creamy Raw Cilantro Hummus Recipe

Here’s another Super Bowl weekend healthy real food remix appetizer recipe for the big game: Creamy Raw Cilantro Hummus served with a rainbow carrot flower display. This was another creation like the Beet Cashew Hummus I just came up with on a whim.. and it worked!  Sometimes you can come up with great creations in … Read More...

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Beet Cashew Hummus Recipe

It’s Superbowl week so I wanted to get a few real food remix recipes up to give everyone some ideas for the big game! You know, not your typical wings and ranch dressing, guacamole (even though I love guac and may put a special mango guac together before this weekend and post!), other store bought … Read More...

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Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

Thanksgiving real food remix week is here!  Over the next 6-7 days, we’re going to look at traditional Thanksgiving recipes and remix them all using real food ingredients compared to using processed, dead food ingredients and food-like products that many recipes call for.  For example, traditional sweet potato casserole made with processed sugar, marshmallows etc., … Read More...

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