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Raw Zucchini Bread

Summer may feel over after Labor Day weekend, but seasonally many summer veggies are still growing strong here in SoCal, including green zucchini.  This season I’ve been growing a bunch of summer squash varieties that I’ve mainly been slicing up and freezing for future meals, but I’ve also used a lot of the green zucchini to … Read More...

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Caramelized Maple Salmon Salad - Nutrition You Can Trust

One of my all time favorite fish is salmon.  It’s rich, fatty and loaded with nutrition like the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA (omega-3s), B-vitamins,  potassium, selenium and more. However, we must remember that food & the nutrition in it is only as good as it’s source (how it’s raised, how it’s grown, etc). … Read More...

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