What’s a Real Food Remixed food ingredient or recipe?

Let me briefly explain…

I’m a big time foodie, but I’m more like a real food[ie].

I love to indulge in all our favorite foods just like you do;  burgers, fries, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, donuts… you name it.

But let’s be real, if I embrace my inner fat kid eating burgers, fries and cake all the time, that inner fat kid would soon become outer fat man, right?

So in order to keep our healthy lifestyle dialed in and enjoy our favorite indulgences, we real food remix responsibly as part of an 80/20 healthy lifestyle plan.

Choose ingredients that come with health benefits vs. ingredients that do not

In a real food remixed recipe, we remove the highly processed, food-like product ingredients that come with virtually no health benefits (or worse, are detrimental to our health) and replace them with the “real food” alternative (or closest thing to it) that comes with health benefits and that our body’s digestive and assimilation mechanics actually recognize as food!

For example, instead of:

  • white processed sugar:  we’ll use something like raw, unpasteurized honey.  This is a real food.
  • white flour:  we’ll use something like sprouted almond flour or a sprouted stone-ground flour.  This is a real food.
  • pasteurized milk:  we’ll use something like raw milk or coconut milk.  These are real food options.
  • additives, preservatives, artificial flavors/colors, and other synthetic chemicals:  this is crap. crap is not your body’s friend.

So the overall idea is that the food or ingredient(s) used in any given recipe have been “remixed” using real food vs. processed food or synthetic chemicals.

Hence, we get the real food remix…Easy peasy, right?

Here’s some examples of real food remixed recipes:

  • Instead of regular cupcakes traditionally made with processed white flour, white sugar and more, we real food remix into a strawberry cheesecake cupcake made from real food ingredients.
  • Instead of a fast food burger with synthetic additives, preservatives, low-integrity sourced factory farmed beef, processed white flour chemical-laced bun and more, we remix with a paleo portabello burger.
  • Instead of ice cream made with pasteurized dairy and processed sugar, we do real food remixed French vanilla ice cream.

We’re taking the food we’re wanting (cupcakes, burgers, ice cream, etc.), and eating the healthiest, real food-alternative.  Make sense?

So does that mean I can eat my favorite foods all the time now?

No.  It’s definitely not a license to indulge all the time.

With a real food remix, we’re simply eating the healthiest, real food-alternative ingredients/food as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.  When we get the hankering for one of our favorite indulgences, we can still enjoy the more healthy real food version of it as part of a reward day treat.

For more real food remixed recipes on the blog, search here.

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