Good day fitfam!  Cheers to everyone who participated in the $20 Whole Foods/Vitacost gift card giveaway on Instagram for a new unique real food remix ice cream flavor.  There were a ton of great ideas everyone suggested on the Mojito ice cream post, but ultimately I had to pick just one and I went with @fallowgroundfarms idea:  Sweet potato!

Few reasons I chose sweet potato:

  • I would have never thought to use root veggies in ice cream… and out of all of them, sweet potato is a universal one I know most people enjoy across all food lifestyles: paleo, vegetarian, vegan, 80-10-10,  etc.
  • I’ve never seen a sweet potato ice cream at the store… have you?  So “uniqueness factor” fit the bill.
  • As I was reading the ideas in the comments, maple-cinnamon jumped into my head as a great combo for sweet potato.
  • Fall is approaching and this ice cream is very much an “in-season” flavor for it.
  • User-friendly in that it’s really easy to make.  You don’t need to be too ambitious in the kitchen… anyone can make this real food ice cream!

This maple cinnamon sweet potato ice cream is paleo, vegetarian & vegan ingredient-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and made with 100% real food ingredients.


1 can full fat coconut milk (13.5 fl oz)

6 ounces cooked sweet potato (for the sweet potato purists, technically, you want Yam – the orange centered one)

4 tablespoons maple butter (maple syrup fine too)

3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

pinch of pink salt

*links above are brands I personally use and recommend

Kitchen Notes

1.  Usually I put 3 tablespoons of sweet (maple butter, maple syrup, coconut nectar, raw unpasteurized honey) in homemade real food ice creams.  This tasted better to my palate at 4 tablespoons… you can always try three and give it a taste after all ingredients are mixed (step #3 in directions) and then add a fourth if you think it needs it.

2. You’ll need an ice cream maker (this is the one I use) OR you can try one of these six ways of making ice cream if you do not have an ice cream maker.  Directions below are for using an ice cream maker.

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Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream





















1. Cook your sweet potato first. I typically poke some holes in it with a fork, wrap in tin foil and bake at 400 degrees F for 45-60 minutes.

2. When it’s done, let the sweet potato cool to room temp (I cheat and put it in the freezer to cool down).

3. Add your coconut milk, sweet potato (skin peeled off), maple butter, cinnamon & pink salt to the blender and mix for about a minute, or until everything incorporated.

4. Add to the ice cream maker for 20-25 minutes, or until it’s turned into ice cream.

5. When done, add to a container and keep in freezer.

Piece of cake, right?  It turned out very tasty and has that autumn/fall flavor with almost a hint of pumpkin if you close your eyes while tasting.

I hope you enjoy… and if you’re looking for other real food remix ice cream recipes on this blog, search “ice cream” in the search field and you’ll find a bunch more.

Buon Appetito!

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