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So what is Nutrition You Can Trust…

I created this blog for people to transform their lives and take control of their health.  Body transformation is not hard, as they  would lead you to believe.  There are certain foundation principles that must be followed, and with a clear goal / dream / legacy in mind, you can transform your life in so many different ways.

You’ll learn the basic foundation principles of how to eat, sleep, move, drink, breathe, lifestyle how-to and clearly defining your dream; all which will give you the healthiest, leanest, and most optimal energized “engine” and body to experience this amazing gift called life.  I invite you to try Body Transformation for 21-days and see how it feels.  I remind people they read testimonials and success stories all day long, but if you don’t “experience” the feeling of real-life transformation, you’ll simply never really know what is achievable.  You can also check out my book – Back to Basics – Everything They Have Told You About Nutrition is Wrong, where I get into even more pertinent info, details and secrets!

Who is Jon Antelline

Nutrition You Can Trust (NYCT) offers industry expert tips, consulting and individual custom program design on the cutting edge use of diet, corrective & high-performance exercise, lifestyle modifications and targeted, clinical nutraceutical supplementation. NYCT was founded by Jon Antelline in 2003, an alternative health practitioner with a clinical practice in Southern California. Jon is certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (2003), CHEK Exercise Coach, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner and uses a holistic, multidisciplinary model utilizing applied kinesiology techniques like QRA and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), CHEK nutrition, lifestyle and corrective exercise & rehabilitation principles, and Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT) for maximum effective results; custom to a person’s unique biochemical individuality and current physiological load. He consults and works with a vast clientele from the average case history and most complex auto-immune-challenged individuals, to the elite level professional athlete in the NFL needing the highest performance edge.

Jon is the creator of the ReBoot Transformation Protocol, a life changing systemic 21-day cleanse, and DialIN, a custom, individualized holistic program design that includes food/meal plan and lifestyle coaching, as well as identification of immune challenges, food allergy and intolerance, heavy metal and toxic chemical load via Quantum Reflex Analysis and Nutrition Response Testing.  Finally, reACT, which is a maintenance phase sustained program design based on the person’s individual needs.  The complete 3-Phase system “dials in” every organ and glandular system of your body so that you can experience daily robust health and energy, which can effectively improve all areas of your life:  personal health, business, relationships, exercise and athletics, plus so much more.

In his spare time, Jon enjoys reading, the outdoors, traveling, good food-wine-and company,  working out / yoga, organic gardening, cooking, and being a nerd and studying the health & wellness industry he is so passionate about.   When in college, Jon aspired to become a medical doctor of PM&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation).  After meeting Paul Chek in 2003 and attending a CHEK lecture, he soon realized the main stream food industry, medical, and health care (pronounced “sick care”) industries were really about one thing – profit.  Making the monetary 6-figure investment into a medical school heavily influenced by financial interests of Big Pharma, soon became a dilemma at that time.  The idea to keep the sick care sick, or with “perceived health” by  suppressing the symptoms (signals) the body is trying to tell us with prescription drugs, was not the path for him, and an alternative medicine approach was.   He decided to attend the CHEK Institute over 10 years ago and the rest is history.

Jon still aspires to attend medical school in the future to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to further bring added value and knowledge to his practice and the clients and patients he consults with for the one and only thing that truly defines his core values and legacy – your results.

What is Back to Basics

Jon is the author of the soon to be released book, “Back to Basics – Everything They Have Told You About Nutrition Is Wrong”, a complete synopsis that lifts the veil of deception on main stream health, nutrition and food (for-profit, not for-health) industry .  The book is a culmination of 15+ years of Jon’s applied knowledge, where you’ll finally learn the TRUTH on how to eat, what to eat, why to eat, and where to eat it from – custom to your own unique biochemistry – for your most robust health and sustained daily vitality in life.

He also wrote Back to Basics – The Body Transformation Cookbook, which you can find here.

The Books

Back to Basics – Everything They Have Told You About Nutrition is Wrong

This book is a culmination of everything I have learned over the past 15+ years of trial & error, education, and my own practice; and as a result the proven systems I have created from that acquired and applied knowledge. If you want to learn the truth about nutrition, health and wellness, I lift the veil of deception on all of it. I’ve been writing this book for over two years now – it’s literally my brain downloaded on paper, so if you don’t ever have a chance to consult with me one-on-one, pick the book up and jump on the exclusive list now to get it for free.

Back to Basics – Body Transformation Cookbook – coming 2014

This book is a culmination of the real, whole food recipes I’ve created over the last couple of years for my ReBoot Transformation Protocol that promote health and vitality in the body, facilitate and enhance our own detoxification enzyme pathways, while giving us true cell satiety at the biochemical level.  It’s loaded with over 150+ recipes for Smoothies, Salads, Soups, Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner meals, Desserts and so much more.  This is not just your standard cookbook, it’s a transformation lifestyle guide for your most optimal health, vitality and performance! The book is in it’s final editing phases and is set to be released the end of January, beginning of February. Get your exclusive pre-release copy before anyone else here

Nutrition You Can Trust Cookbook – coming 2015

The cookbook includes meals that i’ve been working on over the past year, including influences and guest appearances from 3-star Michelin guide professional chefs and foodie experts. This cookbook will be loaded with ReBoot Transformation Protocol meals, DialIN meals, as well as Reward Day meals. If you want some sneak peek pics, check out Instagram here and join the convo!


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ReBoot Transformation Cleanse


Your body is a vast network of systems, interdependent of one another for proper overall function, like a computer system, interdependent of all of its components to function properly. Imagine your brain as your hard drive, digestion system as your system processor, immune system as your anti-virus software, etc. After time, the internal hardware of our computers starts to slow down due to spyware, malware, viruses and old programs we no longer use.  For the body, this can show in a real-life sense as chronic fatigue, weight gain, sickness, disease and so much more.

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DialIN ReBoot Transformation


During Phase 2, over 30 days you will learn how to “dial in” every single organ and glandular system of the body for full systemic optimal performance. The body is a holistic system independent on each individual organ and glandular system to function properly. These individual systems are thus interdependent on one another for your overall daily performance: you being at your absolute healthiest, fittest and happiest, day in and day out.

reACT  Transformation Cleean


Phase 3 stands for “reassess” and “action plan”. This is your maintenance phase after DialIN, or your monthly recommendations provided based on your unique biochemistry and specific health needs. We first reassess your progress from DialIN, and then create a continued action plan, custom only to you.


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