I’m excited to announce that the Nutrition You Can Trust team has formed an alliance with one of the innovative leaders in the health & fitness industry:  Julian Arana, owner of B-Fit (@bfitbyJ on instagram).

Together with our respective teams we will be bringing you the most revolutionizing Health & Fitness SYSTEM based on our combined 25+ years of experience, knowledge and transforming people’s lives.  

OUR GOAL:  Inspiration, education and giving you that edge with the most holistic system approach to your healthy lifestyle so you achieve all of your health & fitness goals. Being healthy and fit, free of pain and chronic disease, and living your most vital life isn’t about one single factor like eating well, counting calories, or working out a lot.  The body is a holistic system that is integrated with sub-systems that all work independently, as well as interdependently for optimal health, vitality and performance.  We’ll be incorporating the full system approach necessary to be “dialed in” to your BEST health and life:  proper food, exercise, sleep, nutritional supplementation, water, addressing stressors, and much more; ultimately giving you all the tools and knowledge necessary to give you optimal health, vitality and performance.

Some of these topics are briefly described below in Random Facts of Kindness #3 image:

Nutrition You Can Trust - Random Facts of Kindness #3 - Foundation Principles

Some of the things we have in store for you for this new 2014 series:

  • Free Body Transformation Challenges – full workout and meal plans done by us free of charge for you in a full 21-day team format, as well as smaller weekly challenges we’ll do on social media like Instagram.
  • The 5-Step System to Clean Eating:  everything you need to know about what “clean eating” truly means, broken down into a “stepped” foods system one through five, so you have the know-how for the THE most optimal fuel for your body’s cells and ultimately health, vitality and athletic performance.
  • Workouts of the Week:  for both female and male, including exercise progressions step by step videos and how-to from the very beginner to the most advanced elite athlete- we’re covering it all as Julian and I work with both.
  • MOVEment Systems Variations:  including high-intensity HIIT workouts, gym workouts, at-home workouts, body-weighted workouts, primal pattern movements, sports-specific workouts, infant development exercises (activating innate programs in the central nervous system), working-IN vs. working out, and so much more.
  • Recipes of the Week:  including meals dialed into all metabolic types, reward day meals (cheat meals) and 80/20 healthy lifestyle, optimal pre-workout and post-workout nutrition, meal prep, saving money on food and more!
  • Back to Basics:  The full break down of all health, fitness and nutrition categories with detail, facts, literature, and precision; including, but not limited to:  proteins (beef, fish, poultry, plant-based, and more), carbs (grains, sugar, best sources of), fats, water, food supply breakdown (organic vs. commercial foods), additives, preservatives, chemicals, GMOs, and so much more.
  • Awesome giveaways exclusive to subscribers, including free products, free nutraceuticals, gift cards to the online shop, custom exercise program design, custom meal & lifestyle plans, kitchen essential giveaways like Vitamix blenders, other kitchen & cooking equipment, etc.. including our first giveaway for the announcement of this series: the metabolic type assessment ($100 value) for free to learn the ratios of foods that are right for you.  You can get it here for free over the next 24 hours only. Note: it’s important to get this assessment as our recipes of the week will be “molded” around the different metabolic types. Make sure to get it now on this link while it’s free, otherwise it will be $100 in the online shop after.
  • Collaborations, interviews and special projects with some of the wisest minds and specialists in the health, fitness, medical & wellness industry to bring you only the best education and 411.
  • Plus so much more

Below you’ll find a demo of a Workout of the Week, both at beginner and a more advance level. These are some example videos only, but we’ll be including workouts at each progression level (beginner through advanced- see more below showing progressions) as well as full how-to, reps, duration, tempo and more.

Female beginner

Female advance

Male beginner

Male advance

Below you’ll find example videos of exercise progressions from beginner to advanced levels.

Exercise: Push-up

The push-up is an excellent compound exercise that works multiple muscles and requires no equipment! During a push-up, you are using primarily the chest, triceps, and shoulders, but your core is also being stressed as your abs and obliques contract to keep your body stable. When performing any type of push-up, make sure you inhale on the way down and exhale as you push up. Once you have mastered the basics, there are tons of variations to continue challenging and shocking your body!

Step 1. Beginner

Step 2. Novice

Elevated horizontal bar push-up. Grasp the horizontal bar (lower than chest height) with hands slightly wider than shoulder width and adjacent to the chest. The lower you place the bar, the greater the resistance. Position forefeet back from bar with arms and body straight. The distance from your feet to the bar is determined by making sure the bar is at chest level when you come down towards the bar. Arms should be almost perpendicular to your body, creating about a 75-85 degree angle between your upper arm and body. Contract your core and come down towards the bar, making sure your body is straight throughout the entire movement.

Modified floor push-up. Place your knees on a mat or padded surface. Keep the same hand position as mentioned in Step 1. Come down towards the floor until you have reached 90 degrees at the elbows. Maintain good posture and keep your body straight throughout the entire movement. Make sure you don’t flex your hips (i.e. stick your butt out) during the exercise.

Step 3. Advanced

Step 4. Expert

Floor push-up. Hand placement stays the same as Step 1 and Step 2, but make sure they are adjacent to your chest, not your shoulders! Keep your core contracted to ensure good posture throughout the movement. Come down towards the floor until you have reached 90 degrees at the elbows.

Push-ups with feet elevated on a stability ball. This variation adds extra resistance to the standard push-up, as well as greater stabilization requirements from the unstable physioball. Make sure you contract your core and keep your entire body straight. Come down towards the floor until you have reached 90 degrees at the elbows.

Exercise: Bulgarian split squat

This exercise is excellent for strengthening the quadriceps and glutes, while simultaneously working on range of motion of the hip flexors and trunk/hip stability. If you struggle with hip stability during a back squat or have really tight hip flexors, then this is the exercise for you! This is a typical progression of this exercise, from beginner to more advanced versions.

Step 1. Beginner

Bulgarian split squat using suspension straps. Place the top of one foot on the edge of a bench that is approximately at the height of your knee. Position your other foot at a distance where you can come down comfortably without having your front knee pass your toes. Grab the suspension straps and maintain good, upright posture as you descend for a repetition. Make sure your front knee stays over your heel the entire time and don’t lean forward!

Step 2. Novice

Body weight Bulgarian split squat. Place your hands on your hips for stability and come down until your front knee reaches an angle of about 90 degrees. Keep your core contracted throughout the entire movement and avoid leaning forward.

Step 3. Advanced

Bulgarian split squats holding dumbbells. Holding the dumbbells adds greater resistance to this movement, making it a little tougher to perform. Technique is the same as mentioned above, except this time your arms stay by your sides.

Step 4. Expert

Axial loaded Bulgarian split squat. Place the bar on your upper trapezius and shoulders like you would for a back squat. Placing the resistance on your back puts extra stress on your trunk muscles, as they are forced to contract in order to keep you stable. Stick to no more than 8 repetitions per leg to avoid stabilizer fatigue!

We hope you enjoy this new series we’ll be rolling out!  We’re definitely excited for it!

Remember to get your free metabolic type assessment ($100 value assessment) over the next 24 hours only so you have a foundation basis for our recipes of the week, as well as know what ratios of foods are right for your unique genetic and metabolic makeup.  You can download it here for free for a limited time.

Massive success,

Jon & Julian

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