One of my favorite nuts that often times can be forgotten when it comes to making homemade nut milk is the pistachio; a little powerhouse raw nut full of nutrition.

I’ve made almost every other kind of raw nut milk before, but I had never tackled pistachio milk… so we gave it a go.

This stuff turned out quite good! Best way I can describe it is a mix between a really rich tasting nut milk, but more so silky consistency.  So I guess we’ll call it a silky smooth texture and taste that is great to drink on its own, use as a dairy free alternative to regular milk, or to make homemade pistachio ice cream  (*hint hint* for those of you who saw this post on Instagram yesterday 🙂 )

This homemade pistachio milk is also gluten free, fully raw, has vegan & paleo-friendly ingredient sweetening options, and is 100% real food!  

Let’s take a look at the recipe…


2 cup raw pistachios

4 cup clean water

1/2 cup coconut milk (optional, but I recommend it. You can use light or full fat coconut milk if you want)

Kitchen Notes:  Use a 2:1 ratio water to raw pistachios.  So if you want to make less, you can use 1 cup raw pistachios to 2 cups of water for example.  You can also thin it out  a little bit to a 3:1 ratio, but I wouldn’t recommend any more than 4:1 which you can do with some other nuts.


1. Soak your pistachios in clean water (no tap water) for at least 4 hours, minimum.

2. After the pistachios have soaked, drain and dry and add to a blender with 4 cups of clean water

3. Blend for a solid minute to really get the pistachio nuts processed

4. Pour your pistachio / water mixture through a sieve, nut milk bag or a chinois to get all the tiny pieces out.  Make sure to really press it (I use the face of a big spatula) to get all the liquid out so you have a rather dry pulp left over.  Don’t toss the pulp!  You can keep it and use to make something like raw nut fudge.

5. After your pistachio milk is done draining and you’ve got your liquid, add it back to the blender with your coconut milk and mix.

Now you’ve got your silky smooth plain pistachio milk!  

If you want to sweeten it up, see below..

Sweetening Options

If you’re looking to sweeten your pistachio milk, see the homemade raw nut milk post.  I have three different options in that post for no-sugar added / low carb, a low glycemic-added sugar, and the ever so awesome, maple butter option for sweetening.


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